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Related post: Date: Mon, 25 Jun 2007 14:39:33 -0400 From: Cum Control Boi Subject: Revisiting Cum Denial 2 (T/T bd cc)================================================================== Standard disclaimers apply... dark collection pthc If you're under the age of legality in your location, or not supposed to read this for other legal reasons, you ought not read bbs pthc cp lsm this -- legal consequences apply if someone finds out what you're doing. Additionally, if male-male homosexual acts are not to your tastes, then don't be reading this. ==================================================================="Revisiting Cum Denial, part 2 (Alex's Denial)" by cumcontrolboi> The second part of this story is based on pthc piss feedback pthc proibida archives from Alex; > this is written as a separate variation on the same story theme.Prologue:Am I a naughty boy who wants to be dominated? You know I am. Am I a kinky little punk who can't get enough? 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My entire cock and balls are now engaged in your efforts to make me cum. I begin to breathe deeper and moan lightly."Yeah, you're already dripping, you little slut."You change your pace to something quicker, with a different grip, and you've got to feel my body post pthc shuddering. I ftp sex free pthc have my hands pressed up against the lockers. pthc zoo sex My abs are getting pedo pthc hxxp a workout, pthc usenet group trying to hold the energy that's going to make me lose all reasoning... and you're winning the battle again...My head turns away, as I realize you're going to make me cum, and I can't do much about it. I don't want to tell you to stop; why would I? I don't know what's in store for me. I know you're beginning to humiliate me. extremetracking pthc My cheeks are a deep red by tgp pthc rompl vombat now, I'm sure."You know you're my little fucktoy, don't you?"You stroke faster. I am getting too close. I can't keep holding back. I'm breathing heavier now. 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My hands wander for a moment, but you grab them hard, and pthc bbs zeps force me back into the locker. My pthc ptsc pics head is girl magazine pthc is clouding over. My lust is winning. My desire to submit to your merciless desires pthc bbs tgp for me, whatever hellish tortures you could devise, few will ever top this moment. Your hips press against my bare cock, grinding into it."Say it!"You nearly scream, and I cower; pthc zeps bbs I hope nobody is able to hear that. I am fearful to reply, fearful that anyone, especially pthc xxx sex illegal you, hears me obey."Y... y... board bbs pthc yes..."Barely heard...You take me by the collar, and dvd asia pthc guide me into the showers. You strip off your clothing quickly. I am still in shock and have nothing I can do except watch and obey whatever you tell me to do. I am beyond thinking at this point. 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I thai misc pthc boards just start moaning, hentai preview pthc first from heavy breathing into moaning lightly, into moaning deeply, and finally moaning loudly with groaning and whimpering...You are expertly keeping rape asian pthc me right on the edge... one stroke away from cumming...I can't help it... for once... my hips buck forward, trying to get the pthc laura orsoyla last stroke to send me over... And you manage to simply keep your pace, as though I hadn't even tried at all...Your gaze meets mine with a fire that I young bbs pthc can no longer explain. I know you are in control..."If you can't hold your cum, I swear..."A sweat breaks out on young teen pthc me... My eyes gather a film of lust over them with the mere prospect of the thought of cumming... How close you have me, how close you are holding me, how close I am to cumming, and now..."...if you fucking let loose your boy-cum on me, I swear...""...I will leave you tied here, naked, for everyone to see..."You pics from pthc don't let up. You stroke harder... free pthc girls sites and faster... It takes all of my mental forces not to cum. This is what you've been working for. Now I have no chance to hold back against you. You've lured me into trying to cum, and now that I'm so close, you aren't going to let this opportunity go away without fucking with me.I bite my lower lip lightly, trying not to lose my load over the thought of being stuck here, free pthc clips naked, bound... There's fuck-all I can do about these images you keep giving me. I can't escape your web. It's all I can do not to lose my focus.You stroke faster. I moan harder, trying not to cum..."Look at you, moaning like the underground pthc illegal little fag you are."You spit on my cock, lubing it up. I toss my head from side to side, trying not to fight you physically or make trouble for you... I'm hoping that you're going to let up... Not punish me... I can't form words... My body is uttering these sounds, like letters at the beginning of words, but all of it is just begging noises...Begging you to let me cum. Begging you to do anything, anything but make me shoot my load. I would do pthc msn anything for you. Just don't make me shoot my load. But what you want... is for me to shoot my load. I already would do anything boys pthc rompl for you. And you want for pthc board girls pis me to shoot my load... We both know I already will do whatever you want... You want me there at the edge...You can tell I'm right at the very razor edge... The slightest touch of the wrong kind will send me torrents pthc over... You can tell.You slow down...Torturously slow...Laboriously slow...Painstakingly slow...And it still makes me fucking ready to blow my wad... And pthc boards from my body erupts this unearthly deep moan resonating through my body from the deepest core of my frustration and desires to cum.My hips buck pthc cbaby once, and your hands are gone.I deeply let out another pthc spank moan, which breaks into a whimpering sob... My body begins convulsing as it begins to erupt in tears... Quivering with a nervous tension. Nerves ablaze, my mind on fire from pthc gallary the sensory overload and loss... There is no coherent speech coming nude underage fuck pthc from me, but I'm still asking you for anything, anything you want to do to me... let me cum..."From now bbs pthc ranchi on, you call me Master."I can only recognize holynet pthc the word "Master" out of that sentence. It's the only thing I can understand. You are my Master. I know you are. I look up at you, with tears streaking from my face."I know what you desire. pthc kids movie I see your stories. You don't realize that I read them, do you? pthc gallries You wouldn't expect anyone to know this side of you. But I do."You stroke your still hard cock. So very hard. So very close. I can tell it wants to cum. I can manage no more than a blank stare in awe and fascination. I am entranced by your cock. My cgiworld pthc board body hangs nearly limply. Your can see my broken body, and by extension, my broken will.You move closer, and you let your cock brush against my slightly- parted lips.That's all you need to get sent over the edge. Your cum sprays into my mouth. What I can get of it, I do. You spray it over my lips and over my chin. Another spurt gets me over the arch of my eye and begins to drip slowly down my cheek. With a grunt, pthc pic site you pump the last drop onto my face... The warmth of your cum quickly fading... As though I have been graced by it.You gather up our clothing, but you don't let me pthc illegal childfuck go. You want someone else to find me, with my hard cock waiting for release... my face streaked with tears and dried cum... Tied to two poles in the boys locker room.In my locker, you leave a note. It just has your phone number and "Call Me" on the next line and child pthc bbs "Master" on the last. There is an artistically rough heart drawn alongside the last line.I hear the door to the locker pthc thumblina room slam shut.Tears stain my face.I want more.=========== Write darkcollections2 pthc some feedback. It's not hard. Type in "" and give it a punchy subject line, or at least a subject telling me what story it is that you're commenting on. pthc picpost Not that hard, now, is it? (and if it's still hard, KEEP GOING until you find a story you like!) =======================================================================
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